​For more than 15 years  I had the responsibility to  teach viewers unique and simple ways of cooking local and international dishes at different networks including Telemundo International and Univision PR. I've also been featured in a number of national TV shows . Most recently,  I've had the honor to represent Schlotzsky's on the media for openings of Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery in Austin. TX, the new evolution of the Brand.



  • The Travel Channel's "​Bizarre​ Foods" Puerto Rico episode where I was also part of the commercial to promote it

  • The Cooking Channel’s “Cook, Line & Dinner”

  • Comcast Network’s "TV Dinners Show”

  • How-to videos for Kraft Singles


  • "Sabores de Familia" (Fox Utilísima Network - Latin America's "do-it-yourself" network), which was broadcasted in the United States and in 20  countries throughout Latin America

  • “Tu Mañana” (Univisión PR)

  • Telemundo Network's "Levántate"  - which was broadcasted in the United States and in over 20 countries throughout Latin America

  • “En Todas” - WIPR - PR PBS Station

Shows are no longer in production