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It started over 25 years ago under the name "Chef Maira Isabel, SVC's"  where we provided an extensive line of culinary-related services to local and international companies.  In 2019, it evolved into CMI Culinary Group, LLC based out Atlanta, GA, and now in Charlotte, NC offering our services to clients here in USA and worldwide.

Since beginning my journey in this field, my dedication to the work and motivation to grow has led me to exceptional projects and experiences during which I've had the pleasure to work with amazing Companies.  A project is never too small or too big. Contact us and let us be part of your next culinary adventure.

Services include:

  • Recipe & Product Development

  • Restaurant Re-Design 

  • Restaurant Marketing

  • Food Styling

  • Prop Styling

  • Food Photography

  • Menu Engineering

  • Brand Ambassador & Media Representation

  • Training (in Both English & Spanish)

  • Restaurant Branding

Former Clients Include: