Let's Cook PR was a dream I had since I can remember. Coming from a long line of teachers, teaching is somewhat innate to me.  I wanted to open a school where I could teach everybody from beginners to chefs already working in the industry.


I am proud to say that many of my students -some who didn't even think about going into culinary careers-, fell in love with this magnificent world and now are chefs at renown restaurants and some even opened their own. 

Here we offered classes for corporate and team building events, birthdays -both for adults and children parties and all in between.


Some of the classes taught included: 

  • Mexican

  • Thailand

  • Indian

  • French

  • Caribbean

  • Creative Fusions

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Knife Skills

  • Sauces

Let's Cook PR was located in Guaynabo, PR for 7 years 

Culinary Instruction